President’s Update


7 May 2021 It is, I think, a testament to how smoothly everything has been running that you have heard so little from me this season – which let’s face it, is a better thing for all parties. Regrettably my hand has been a forced on the back of a literal spate of increasingly questionable behaviour on the courts of a Tuesday evening – granted by only a very minor…


CPL Big Number


The ninth big number of 2021 is 5. You may think that when you add 2 and 3 together, you’d get 5, but you’d be wrong… you get the first ever CPL Intra-Division round of games! The 13th of April 2021 saw the first ever Intra-Division round played in the CPL. While the CPL has had rounds of games that pitted division against division in the past (Lottery Week), the…