• CPL Players of the Month – May 2021
  • President’s Update
  • CPL Big Number
  • Race to the MVP

President’s Update

2 June 2021 This update is to provide you all with significant information with regard to our All Star Festivities. In case you have not suitably used our handy All Star Countdown timer on this website, you may not be aware that it is only a stone’s throw away. A stone thrown directly to the date of Saturday July 10 actually. And which lands coincidentally at the Tuggeranong Basketball Stadium….


CPL Big Number

The tenth big number of 2021 is 15. Did you that the CPL has been in existence since 2008 and that we’re currently in our 15th season? Or that the very first President of the CPL was Hardy Vargas, or as you may know him today – ‘The Logo’? There may be lots of things you may or may not have known about the CPL, but one interesting titbit that…