2023 End of Season Party

It’s that time again ballers! As our competitions draw to a close, it’s time to celebrate the amazing 2023 season.

This year we will be returning to the amazing Lotus Room at the Canberra Casino, where they’ll supply all the mouthwatering food and thirst-quenching beverages one would ever hope for.

The event, which kicks off at 6.30pm on the 8th of December, is for current CPL participants, with tickets costing $60 each. Plus ones are welcome.

So rustle up your teammates, pick your best jersey, freshen up your flyest kicks, and pull out your suavest suit.

Please RSVP via email to cpl@canberraplayersleague.com with your and your plus ones full name.
Payment and RSVP are due by Monday 4th of December, and the CPL account details are:
Name: Canberra Players League
BSB: 641800 (Bank: IMB)
Account Number: 200539978
Description: <your name here>