About Us

Canberra Players League is a basketball competition organised by players of the game, for players of the game. The league was established in 2008 and continues to flourish in the ACT Region with three divisions comprising a total of 27 teams.

The League has a strong social culture and a reputation for fierce and enjoyable competition, culminating in the annual All-Star and Legends Games, where the Leagues best players and some of Canberra’s most iconic sporting legends showcase their skills in a day of entertaining exhibition games.

You can catch all the Division 1 and 2 action courtside on Tuesday nights from 7.00pm through to 10.00pm at the Southern Cross Stadium in Tuggeranong, and Division 3 on Tuesday nights from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Radford College’s G Wigg Sports Centre in Bruce.

Players looking to participate in the League can submit their information to be included in the League’s free-agent list where teams can recruit players throughout the season.

Teams wishing to join the League are invited to submit applications at the conclusion of the season. Acceptance into the League is a competitive process with Division 1 capped at seven teams, Division 2 capped at 11 teams, and Division 3 capped at nine teams. All teams must demonstrate their commitment to the League’s values as well as areas in which they can assist the competition.