Division 3 Event Week – Draft Night


Our world is in peril. CPL, the spirit of Basketball, can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our sport. The CPL has sent five magic teams to five special people:¬†Alex, from Nicholls, with the power of Earth… From Scullin, Matty K, with the power of Fire… From Casey, Matt Deady, with the power of Wind. From Gilmore, Shane, with the power of Water… and from Belconnen, Johnny, with the…


The CPL 12


In our latest instalment of the CPL 12, we have the privilege of learning a little more about the brothers Merchant; two absolute champion blokes that suit up for the Division 1 Stallies. What’s your name? BM: Ben Merchant NM: Nathanael Merchant Now tell us your nickname. BM: The Fridge NM: Nate Who do you play for in the CPL? BM: Stallies NM: Stallies What position do you play on…