CPL Big Number


The fourth big number of 2021 is 1,514. Since the 2012/2013, season there have been 1,514 double-doubles in the CPL – slightly less than the 1,908 double-doubles recorded during the 2019/2020 NBA season alone. Our double-doubles range from rebound and points combinations, to assists and points combinations, and are shared between 277 players. The current player record for most double-doubles in the league is 48. Whilst there is a substantial…


President’s Update


7 February 2021 Welcome! And might I add, I absolute love what you have done with the place. Between your surrounds, and yourself in general, you are really tying the entire fundamental existence together. Kudos. Enough niceties though, lets get down to some very real and very sharp brass tacks. Believe it or not – chances are you will believe it, and as you well should – the CPL Returns…