President’s Update


7 May 2021 It is, I think, a testament to how smoothly everything has been running that you have heard so little from me this season – which let’s face it, is a better thing for all parties. Regrettably my hand has been a forced on the back of a literal spate of increasingly questionable behaviour on the courts of a Tuesday evening – granted by only a very minor…


CPL Big Number


The ninth big number of 2021 is 5. You may think that when you add 2 and 3 together, you’d get 5, but you’d be wrong… you get the first ever CPL Intra-Division round of games! The 13th of April 2021 saw the first ever Intra-Division round played in the CPL. While the CPL has had rounds of games that pitted division against division in the past (Lottery Week), the…


Race to the MVP


Below are the CPL 2021 MVP vote leaders after 10 weeks of games. All votes received in future rounds are kept secret, with the season MVP’s to be announced at the CPL Awards Night.