CPL Big Number

The first big number of 2021 is 2021!

The new CPL Season is upon us! Round one of this historical season has been completed and some of you may have noticed a change… whether it was the change of music being played, the new lights, or even the bringing together of all divisions.

This 2021 season brings with it something the CPL has not seen before…. four divisions! That’s right, we created a whole new division, and we’re all under the same roof. No longer does the lake divide the CPL.

So, what to make of this new look CPL? Well for starters there are 34 teams – five more teams than the CPL has ever had in the past, and a long way away from the eight teams that started the CPL journey in the 2008/2009 Season.

But you are not here for a history lesson. Let’s break down the numbers from the first night of the 2021 season. There were 1,295 points scored across the divisions, with 70 points being the most scored by a team. The most amount of points by a player on the night was 25.

Teams brought down an impressive 1,001 rebounds, with one team nabbing themselves a tasty 51 rebounds. The highest rebounder on the night tore down 16 rebounds.

Teams were not shy with passing the ball. During Round 1, teams dished out 334 assists, with one team racking up 21 assists. One player managed to help his team out with eight assists.

There were 223 steals in Round 1, along with 47 blocks. But with solid defence there is also some not so solid defence – there 227 fouls and five unsportsmanlike fouls.

The numbers are starting to rack up, and as we have only just begun the 2021 season, much more will follow. So keep hustling and bringing in those stats, because we here at the CPL like to see them and occasionally write something stupid about them.

This second big number of 2021 is 55.

There have been 1,265 players to have graced the court under the CPL banner, and at one time or another everyone has played in their rookie season for the CPL.

So far in the 2021 season, 284 players have taken the court. Of those players, 55 have never played in the CPL before (rookies). The 55 rookies come from 17 different teams across all divisions, with nine players coming from one team alone.

Will these rookies thrive in the CPL, or will they burn out after one season? We ask because there have been 259 players who have only had one season in the CPL.

Let’s not forget that the CPL is a social league, so there is no pressure on these rookies to succeed – but a message from all the veterans in the CPL to the Rookie class of 2021… “You’re in the big league now.”

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