CPL Big Number

The first big number of 2021 is 2021!

The new CPL Season is upon us! Round one of this historical season has been completed and some of you may have noticed a change… whether it was the change of music being played, the new lights, or even the bringing together of all divisions.

This 2021 season brings with it something the CPL has not seen before…. four divisions! That’s right, we created a whole new division, and we’re all under the same roof. No longer does the lake divide the CPL.

So, what to make of this new look CPL? Well for starters there are 34 teams – five more teams than the CPL has ever had in the past, and a long way away from the eight teams that started the CPL journey in the 2008/2009 Season.

But you are not here for a history lesson. Let’s break down the numbers from the first night of the 2021 season. There were 1,295 points scored across the divisions, with 70 points being the most scored by a team. The most amount of points by a player on the night was 25.

Teams brought down an impressive 1,001 rebounds, with one team nabbing themselves a tasty 51 rebounds. The highest rebounder on the night tore down 16 rebounds.

Teams were not shy with passing the ball. During Round 1, teams dished out 334 assists, with one team racking up 21 assists. One player managed to help his team out with eight assists.

There were 223 steals in Round 1, along with 47 blocks. But with solid defence there is also some not so solid defence – there 227 fouls and five unsportsmanlike fouls.

The numbers are starting to rack up, and as we have only just begun the 2021 season, much more will follow. So keep hustling and bringing in those stats, because we here at the CPL like to see them and occasionally write something stupid about them.

The second big number of 2021 is 55.

There have been 1,265 players to have graced the court under the CPL banner, and at one time or another everyone has played in their rookie season for the CPL.

So far in the 2021 season, 284 players have taken the court. Of those players, 55 have never played in the CPL before (rookies). The 55 rookies come from 17 different teams across all divisions, with nine players coming from one team alone.

Will these rookies thrive in the CPL, or will they burn out after one season? We ask because there have been 259 players who have only had one season in the CPL.

Let’s not forget that the CPL is a social league, so there is no pressure on these rookies to succeed – but a message from all the veterans in the CPL to the Rookie class of 2021… “You’re in the big league now.”

The third big number of 2021 is 22,748.

We are three rounds into the new 2021 season and we have already seen some amazing basketball played, but this has got us thinking fondly about seasons past – more specifically the 2020 season.

There were 29 teams that partook in the 2020 season across three divisions and two locations. 337 players took the court during the season. The 2020 season was heavily affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 and what normally would have seen a full season was cut in half, with only 18 rounds played amongst the teams.

The 2020 Season saw three divisional winners (Hawks, AKOM, and Owls) and three runner ups (Pork Swords, Beavers, and TDE).

There were 22,748 points scored, with the highest amount of points for one team being 1,061. There were 2,175 three pointers made and 6,782 field goals made. 15,792 rebounds were gathered during the 2020 season with one team bringing in an impressive 676 rebounds.

Whilst 2020 was the year for isolation, that didn’t stop teams dishing out 5,466 assists. One team lead the league with 276 assists. Defence was key for teams in the 2020 season, with 3,502 steals and 957 blocks.

Teams were not immune to the pesky foul, with 4,898 fouls being committed, with one team committing 205 fouls. There were also 49 tech fouls and 30 unsportsmanlike fouls.

The season started off with very strict rules to help with COVID-19 restrictions and as we progressed through the season, and with the players help, we were able to get back to the new normal. However, the CPL did need to hand out 62 COVID-19 protocol strikes

The one thing that we did learn at the CPL is that all though social distancing was necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The CPL is much better when we are all together.

The fourth big number of 2021 is 1,514.

Since the 2012/2013, season there have been 1,514 double-doubles in the CPL – slightly less than the 1,908 double-doubles recorded during the 2019/2020 NBA season alone.

Our double-doubles range from rebound and points combinations, to assists and points combinations, and are shared between 277 players. The current player record for most double-doubles in the league is 48.

Whilst there is a substantial quantity of double-doubles recorded in the CPL, there is only a small amount of triple-doubles in the league, at seven. This impressive feat has been shared among four different players.

The double-double may be far more common in the NBA, but for the CPL, we are happy to see over 151 of them on average a season, and are always stoked to see one pop up in the box scores.

So, are you one of the 277 players to rack up a big double-double, or will you be trying to join that list this season? Because we’d love to see it if you do.

The fifth big number of 2021 is 48.

It’s no secret that referees are the life blood of the CPL and without them we would not have a competition. So we thought it was about time that we would show them some love with their own big number.

During the 2020 season, 48 referees were used across the three Divisions. Of those 48 referees, 15 were dedicated referees which meant that the League used 33 duty referees during the season.

There were 272 regular season games in the 2020 regular season, along with 10 finals games. That equates to there being 564 instances where referees where required to officiate games. That is 22,560 minutes, or 376 hours, of game time that had two referees running up and down the court.

To put into perspective the difference between the referee’s job and a player’s job, if a player was to play all their games and all the way to the grand final, they would have run for 840 minutes (or 14 hours) – that’s a lot of exercise.

So, with those statistics in mind, make sure you show some love to your referees. Let them know you appreciate all the work they do to help make the CPL a better competition. We here at the CPL sure do appreciate all that the referees do for us.

The sixth big number of 2021 is 23,446.

So far in the 2021 season there have been 23,446 stats recorded so far across all four divisions.

There have been 2,361 field goals, 693 3-pointers and 940 free throws recorded. This totals up to a pleasant 7,741 points, with each team averaging 228 points a piece this season so far.

There are 34 teams with 323 players, and 57 different jersey numbers have been worn by those 323 players.

There have been 5,973 rebounds and 1,801 assists. There have been 1,314 steals and 322 blocks.

There have been 1,818 personal fouls, 18 unsportsmanlike fouls and 18 technical fouls.

If you have stayed with us through all these statistics so far you are probably wondering what type of big number is this? Well it is after round six, so that means player stats for the 2021 season are now available on the CPL website. Whilst bulk stats look nice on paper, nothing compares to seeing individual player stats. Now go on, get out of here and check out those fresh 2021 stats!

The seventh big number of 2021 is 42,948.

To learn what this huge number represents, let’s get in the way back machine for a minute… alllll the way back to August 2017. 1 August 2017 (which has a numeric value of 42948) is when three plucky lads decided to celebrate the CPL ballers who had been playing exceptionally well for that month of basketball and post about it on Facebook and on this very website, so that the CPL community can see.

That is right folks, we are talking about Player of the Month. As you might have seen, the CPL has just announced the four divisional Players of the Month for March 2021. This brings the total Player of the Month awards to 98. This honour has been shared amongst 78 players and 32 teams so far and has been running for five seasons now.

The Player of the Month award was a nice way for the CPL to show some love to outstanding players who might be on a tear over the last month, or who might just be a consistently good person over that span. On top of filling up the box score and keeping your technical foul count low, it also helps if your team has a winning record in the month.

So congratulations again to all the players that have ever been awarded the prestigious Player of the Month title! We would sincerely love to see every single player in the league get the award one day.

The eighth big number of 2021 is 4.

Stop! To this date there have been 4 draft nights in the CPL. So far, all these Draft Nights have occurred amongst Division 3, but this year move over Division 3, ’cause Division 4 takes the reins of Draft Night. Division 4 is the place you wannabe.

The first CPL Draft Night occurred in the 2017 season and has continued to spice up the lives of players ’till the 2019/2020 season. The 2020 season was not only denying players a full season, but also a Draft Night as well. During this time, 96 players have taken the court to compete in the CPL’s Draft Night, with teammate competing against teammate – often with suspect fouls involved.

For most players it is an opportunity to mix socially with players from other teams, when 2 become 1. Some see it as an opportunity to settle the debate about who is the number one player on their own team. Whilst we the drafters love seeing this intensity from the draftees, we also love seeing the comradely of players competing for the first time on the same side of the ball.

But let us not forget that the Draft Night is more than just for the joy of playing. There have been four teams to have won the coveted Gatorade’s: ‘Shane’s Fresh Fruit Salad’, ‘Stu’s Phantom Shin Kickers’, ‘Stu’s Considerate Crew’, and ‘Heart’.

If you have been lucky enough to have played in a draft night maybe you will remember one of the teams listed below and how you fared.

Finally, there are two things we know that truly come from the draft night games:

  1. If you get drafted by Loz, take out good medical insurance.
  2. That 100% of players have an enjoyable night.

The ninth big number of 2021 is 5.

You may think that when you add 2 and 3 together, you’d get 5, but you’d be wrong… you get the first ever CPL Intra-Division round of games!

The 13th of April 2021 saw the first ever Intra-Division round played in the CPL. While the CPL has had rounds of games that pitted division against division in the past (Lottery Week), the Intra-Division round was formatted in a different manner. After nine rounds of regular season basketball, the CPL wanted Division 3 to have a chance to take down their corresponding ranked Division 2 team, i.e. the 1st placed Division 2 team played the 1st placed Division 3 team, the 2nd placed Division 2 team played the 2nd placed Division 3 team, and so on. Like in Lottery Week, if the lower division team won on the night, they would be rewarded with an extra competition point.

So how did it all fair? Well, Division 2 showed why they are the higher division, with all Division 2 teams emerging victorious. The lack of upsets didn’t stop there being many enjoyable games played on the night though.

Here’s some numbers… a total of 126 players took to the courts, 60 of them from Division 2 and 66 from Division 3. 803 points were scored, with Division 2 notching 471 points compared to Division 3’s 332 points. In fact, Division 2 had the higher quantity of statistics in nearly all categories (rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks), with the exception of fouls committed, where Division 3 topped that category.

All in all, the first CPL Intra-Division round was a great success, with lots of great performances by teams and players alike. We’re really looking forward to seeing what happens when Division 2 takes on Division 1 in that Intra-Division round scheduled for the end of August!

The tenth big number of 2021 is 15.

Did you that the CPL has been in existence since 2008 and that we’re currently in our 15th season? Or that the very first President of the CPL was Hardy Vargas, or as you may know him today – ‘The Logo’?

There may be lots of things you may or may not have known about the CPL, but one interesting titbit that you may not be aware of is that there have been five Presidents to lead the CPL charge since its creation. The Generals of the CPL started with Hardy, followed by Scott Culpitt, Alex Burnett, Shane Turner, and current president Matthew Deady.

If you are still not sure who these blokes are, check out the latest addition to the CPL website, the President’s Wing.

So here are some big numbers that might be of interest –
To date, the five Presidents have amassed 58 seasons in the CPL.
Of the five Presidents, four are still active players in the league.
They have recorded 1,298 games played.
The highest amount of games played by one of the Presidents is 341, whilst the lowest is 107.
They have scored 6,662 points in their 58 seasons, with the highest amount of points being 2,064.
They have recorded 5,949 rebounds and 1,793 assists.
The Presidents have also recorded 1,190 steals and 458 blocks.

But more than these stats, the Presidents have logged thousands of hours to help bring an amazing competition to the players. And that is a stat that we can never truly record or understated.

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