President’s Update

7 February 2022

My first update for 2022, on the eve of the CPL kicking off tomorrow night. I have no doubt most of you have been waiting with anticipation to hit the hardwood.

Just a short and sweet update, but just wanted to remind you of a few quick things before we get back out there tomorrow night. To share with your teammates!

Quick Reminders

  • If you are behind on payments, plesase come and speak with a Committee member in the office before your game.  It needs to be resolved before the games tip-off.
  • New Rules are up online – not a lot this year, just some changes to fill ins, and addition of a no result.
  • Masks/Sign Ins, etc. All is as effectively as we finished last year – spectators are welcome, but have to have masks, and sign in also. The ACT Government announcement this morning suggests we may no longer need to sign in as of Round 2, but we will confirm this later this week/early next.
  • Falling out from that – entrance procedures.  Still DO NOT enter until someone from the Committee alerts you to before the 7pm game (regardless of which court you are on) – we need to wait until all the juniors are out before we enter. Later time slots can do as you must, as there are no longer density requirements.
  • Numbers – If you can send through your numbers as your line-up is settled, and your jerseys are sorted. Please either do so, or make a note on the scoresheet tomorrow night that these are your final numbers, so we can pre-populate the sheets.
  • Courts – Keen eyes will recall we had ‘home courts’ last year.  This remains the case this year, however to spread the show court love, Div 2 and Div 3 will now play primarily on Courts 1 and 4 respectively. Court 5 remains the ‘overflow’ court. The ordering of courts on the schedule has changed, so pay attention to what the actual court says.

Lets make the 2022 CPL season the best year yet.

Matt Deady – CPL President