President’s Update

23 November 2021

As this season draws to a close, it’s time to wrap up a few things before the final series are wrapped up and we crown this season’s greatest.

With the relaxed COVID venue requirements, we are open for all and sundry in the world of spectators. Just make sure they check in like the rest of us spruced up folks.

Finals Qualification
Just a quick reminder, with finals just around the corner, the CPL Statistics have been updated and players tinged green when they qualify for finals – those players will then be pre-populated into the sheets for finals, and will be the only eligible players for finals. There will be no fill-ins, or no exemptions (injury or otherwise), for any finals teams.

Finals Standings
As we’ve mentioned previously, due to the cancellations of games caused by the lockdown, we have ended up with teams playing different amounts of games – as such the final standings on each division’s ladder will be based on the Points Ratio (PR). This is already on display on the divisional ladders and offers a simple points per round equation. So you might see a team with more wins and competition points next to their name than the team above them, but what you should really be noting is their PR number, as that is what will decide their final position on the ladder.

Next Season
Keep an eye on our socials and on this website, we will be publishing something on next season imminently!

Matt Deady – CPL President