The CPL 12

Now that we’re back from our lockdown forced hiatus, it’s a good time to offer up another inciteful CPL 12. This time around we have the pleasure of introducing you to Michael Schubert, from the Division 4 team Ring Stingers.
Over to you, Sherbert!

  1. What’s your name?
    Michael Schubert
  2. Now tell us your nickname.
    Everyone only knows me has Sherbert.
  3. Who do you play for in the CPL?
    Ring Stingers
  4. What position do you play on the court?
  5. What jersey number do you wear and why?
    11 – no real reason, but it’s one better than #10 😂
  6. What do you do outside of basketball?
    Nothing, ball is life!
  7. All time favourite basketball player?
    Derrick Rose, the dude has heart.
  8. Favourite team?
    Chicago Bulls
  9. What’s your favourite feature of the CPL?
    The community, a bunch of good blokes that love ball.
  10. Best CPL memory to date?
    The early days of Div 3 – slumming it on one court, was awesome.
  11. Favourite place in the world?
    Pretty much anywhere in Asia, that street food 🤤
  12. Drop some wisdom on us… what’s your life-rule or favourite saying?
    Do, or do not, there is no try (get my nerd on, thanks Yoda).

Thanks Sherbert, we’ll see you on the hardwood!