President’s Update

1 September 2021

Dear CPL Community,

We hope you and yours are all keeping safe and well during these troubling times. In a world where regular Tuesday’s with you all overfloweth our proverbial cup, the current scenario has our cup more like one with a hole in the bottom where liquid retention is redundant.

All-Star cancellation
As was probably foreseen, and confirmed by Tuesday’s ACT Government announcements the lockdown will remain in place until 17 September at the earliest and a “gentle easing of restrictions” will be applied once lock down is lifted. Regrettably, this means we will have to cancel the All-Star event which was scheduled for 18 September. While we tossed up the idea of delaying it again, it seems at this stage we would just be delaying the inevitable by doing that, given even as things start to re-open, events like this may still be some time off due to the “gentle easing of restrictions”.

What this means:

  • We will still be arranging to virtually draw the raffle (at a date TBD though only after things have opened up enough that we can ensure all tickets that have been sold are in the hat for the draw). Have made that call given so many raffle tickets have been sold and after receiving so many generous donations from folks, and would still like to make a donation to Menslink – obviously will not be as sizeable as we have initially hoped.
  • We will maintain up to date information regarding the raffle drawing on the CPL website. If any of ticket purchasers have queries, please contact us.
  • Obviously not what any of us wanted, but whatever we can send in the way of a donation to Menslink will be awesome.
  • Keep an eye on our socials for a celebration of our selected CPL All-Stars a bit closer to the 18th – since even if they can’t play, these studs deserve recognition.

Rest of the season
Less definitive at this stage. For those with a keen eye you will see we have started to cross out weeks on the season schedule. We will continue to do this until we have more clarity, but as you might also suspect – community sport, especially indoor community sport like ours, may still be a ways off. We will continue to monitor Government advice and restrictions, and hope to have you all back on court as soon as we are permitted to do so.

What this means:

  • Fees – we are still considering these logistics, however it is likely that we will start apportioning credits to the next season of CPL (where we will be back better than ever) for teams looking to return – but we will keep you all posted.
  • Standings/Finals, etc. – Nothing definitive yet. We will obviously make any decisions here based on the fluid situation as it continues. We have high hopes we might be to come back for some type of abridged end to the season, but details will follow when they can.
    • We will again use to Points/Ratio ladder approach we did last year to determine standings where an uneven number of games may be played to make things equitable. But more info will follow… when it can.

If you haven’t been doing so already, please monitor all relevant health advice relating to COVID, including exposure locations and subsequent advice, restrictions and vaccinations. COVID remains an active threat in our community, both in the ACT and in surrounding NSW, and all reasonable steps should be taken to mitigate the risk and protect one another.


We truly hope all CPL players are staying safe, and getting through all of this madness okay. We miss you all, and like last year we will get through and be back out on the floor before long, and ready to embrace one another once more (in a socially distant and responsible manner).

Kind regards,
(Matt Deady – CPL President)