The CPL 12

The CPL 12 is BACK! Say g’day to our first respondent for 2021; SBU’s David Grant.

  1. What’s your name?
    David Grant
  2. Now tell us your nickname.
  3. Who do you play for in the CPL?
    Smash Brothers Ultimate (SBU)
  4. What position do you play on the court?
    Power Forward
  5. What jersey number do you wear and why?
    Hulmy wanted #6 so I stuck with #14. I was given the #14 years ago while playing at Ramblers.
  6. What do you do outside of basketball?
    Family life (two young girls), new puppy, work for Defence full time and I’m currently studying a Bachelor in Web Design & Production. Hit me up if you are looking to have a website built (
  7. All time favourite basketball player?
    Grant Hill – I honestly believe if he wasn’t riddled with injuries he would have been in the conversation for the #1 all time.
  8. Favourite team?
    Spurs, although this is more due to the fact of Patty.
  9. What’s your favourite feature of the CPL?
    The weekly friendly banter between teams, the passion which blokes play with each week and the way in which the CPL runs the comp. Communicating with and listening to players and the teams is by far the best feature. CPL All-Star weekend ain’t bad either! Great way to get the name out there and raise money for Canberra community.
  10. Best CPL memory to date?
    Overall just seeing the CPL go from strength to strength over the years with the ability to get even bigger. From beginning back at AIS (*cough cough Woden*) all those years ago through to running Div 3 out of a Dickson School, Radford College and now bringing all Divisions under the one roof.
  11. Favourite place in the world?
    Huskisson – Love to be able to get away these days and enjoy some delicious craft beers while enjoying the beaches down that way.
  12. Drop some wisdom on us… what’s your life-rule or favourite saying?
    Perfection is an excuse. Perfection is subjective. If you have something you want to start or do, just start it. Have you ever seen an original episode of The Simpsons? It isn’t perfect what so ever, but that didn’t stop them.

Thanks DG!