CPL Big Number

The tenth big number of 2021 is 15.

Did you that the CPL has been in existence since 2008 and that we’re currently in our 15th season? Or that the very first President of the CPL was Hardy Vargas, or as you may know him today – ‘The Logo’?

There may be lots of things you may or may not have known about the CPL, but one interesting titbit that you may not be aware of is that there have been five Presidents to lead the CPL charge since its creation. The Generals of the CPL started with Hardy, followed by Scott Culpitt, Alex Burnett, Shane Turner, and current president Matthew Deady.

If you are still not sure who these blokes are, check out the latest addition to the CPL website, the President’s Wing.

So here are some big numbers that might be of interest –
To date, the five Presidents have amassed 58 seasons in the CPL.
Of the five Presidents, four are still active players in the league.
They have recorded 1,298 games played.
The highest amount of games played by one of the Presidents is 341, whilst the lowest is 107.
They have scored 6,662 points in their 58 seasons, with the highest amount of points being 2,064.
They have recorded 5,949 rebounds and 1,793 assists.
The Presidents have also recorded 1,190 steals and 458 blocks.

But more than these stats, the Presidents have logged thousands of hours to help bring an amazing competition to the players. And that is a stat that we can never truly record or understated.

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