CPL Big Number

The ninth big number of 2021 is 5.

You may think that when you add 2 and 3 together, you’d get 5, but you’d be wrong… you get the first ever CPL Intra-Division round of games!

The 13th of April 2021 saw the first ever Intra-Division round played in the CPL. While the CPL has had rounds of games that pitted division against division in the past (Lottery Week), the Intra-Division round was formatted in a different manner. After nine rounds of regular season basketball, the CPL wanted Division 3 to have a chance to take down their corresponding ranked Division 2 team, i.e. the 1st placed Division 2 team played the 1st placed Division 3 team, the 2nd placed Division 2 team played the 2nd placed Division 3 team, and so on. Like in Lottery Week, if the lower division team won on the night, they would be rewarded with an extra competition point.

So how did it all fair? Well, Division 2 showed why they are the higher division, with all Division 2 teams emerging victorious. The lack of upsets didn’t stop there being many enjoyable games played on the night though.

Here’s some numbers… a total of 126 players took to the courts, 60 of them from Division 2 and 66 from Division 3. 803 points were scored, with Division 2 notching 471 points compared to Division 3’s 332 points. In fact, Division 2 had the higher quantity of statistics in nearly all categories (rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks), with the exception of fouls committed, where Division 3 topped that category.

All in all, the first CPL Intra-Division round was a great success, with lots of great performances by teams and players alike. We’re really looking forward to seeing what happens when Division 2 takes on Division 1 in that Intra-Division round scheduled for the end of August!

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