President’s Update

16 October 2020

Magnificent cronies

It is about that time again yeah – for a Friday fill-up of all things CPL related rumours, murmurings and general intel.

COVID Sign in Protocols
We are still having some, though thankfully very infrequent, sign in protocol issues. We try not to sound like a broken record on this, but these are not our procedures gang. The Electronic Attendance Records are requirements by both our venues to continue to hire their premises. Think of the procedures as plants, and our utilisation of said procedures as the constant source of nourishment these plants need.

The COVID sign in includes the following information:

By completing the registration below, you certify that YOU;
ARE NOT experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, which may include: cough, sore throat, fever, or shortness of breath.
HAVE NOT travelled overseas in the past two weeks.
HAVE NOT been within a “hotspot area” in the past two weeks.
HAVE NOT been in close contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case in the past two weeks.
ARE NOT currently required to be isolating, as per Health Authority directions.
UNDERSTAND your responsibilities as a player while the “Covid-19 CPL Return to Sport Safety Plan” is in place.
NB: the score sheet cannot used for attendance for COVID sign purposes. The sheet is pre-filled ahead of games, and not a reliable means of determining attendance, as each week teams do not cross off players that may not be in attendance.

When we are having players fail to sign in, and issuing strikes, we are getting a lot ‘Player X assures me he signed in’ – all we can say to that is, the sign in protocols are working at around a 98.5% success rate – as in that many players and spectators are signing in without problem, so rather than being a problem with the system, we expect those who are getting these strikes have not successfully received the ‘have a good time green tick’ and thus finishing the process entirely. If you are having phone issues, use a mates, or a committee members. Despite your ongoing efforts, we will continue to not engage on overturning strikes regardless of how insisted you may be that they should be – speaking of which, please stop doing that. We appreciate the frustration, and many of our teams are in the same boat, but you are just adding to our pain by forcing us into a back and forth on every strike we issue. Hopefully come Season 2021 this will all be a distant memory, but while we have to be doing this, the point is just that, we have to be doing this.

Spectators and Time at the Courts
With majestic Canberra moving further along in COVID protocols and restrictions easing another semi stage – we are now at a point where on top of spectators being allowed (at Tuggers), we can also start having players stick around after their games for a cup of tea, some stretching, fantasy NFL chat, or any other such activities. This also works for players wishing to come down before their games and take in some wholesome hoops watching, or find a nice quiet corner to do some crocheting. Obviously all sign-in protocols remain, but it does mean there is no longer any requirement to huddle in the foyer for any other than the 7pm games. For clarity: We are still not be able to access the playing areas in Tuggers until 7pm once all the juniors have fully vacated. Your friendly and responsible Committee Members will continue to valiantly guard the entrance door, in a thou shalt not pass manner, before the 7pm game to ensure there are no slip ups.

Unfortunately our agreement with Radford still means spectators will not be permitted, we expect for the rest of the season – this is obviously as schools have tighter restrictions.

Perhaps with all other requirements taking up your time on pre-game efforts – our pre-game score sheet action is slipping like a Peter. This is more important than ever as we use to verify COVID Sign ins, and if not done properly can have strike implications when scoresheets are not matching with our COVID sign-ins. Unfortunately for you handsome chaps reading this, that is your job as the Caps and Vice Caps. Please remember it is on your broad and musky shoulders to ensure the scoresheets and stat sheets are all done properly before your game. This means crossing out those not there, adding players FULL NAMES if they are not already on there, fixing any numbers, ticking IAs, and nominating the Captain for the game. Duty teams and refs will be asked to ensure all teams have done this properly before opening the gate for the battle that is the game begins.

Season 2021
In future fun – we are pretty stoked to let you all know it looks like we will be able to secure a long held dream for the CPL and have all Competitions co-located next season in Tuggeranong. With access to courts 4 and 5 opening up in 2021, we will be able to run Div 1,2 and 3 out of the Tuggeranong Stadium on a Tuesday night – something we have always wanted to do. In anticipation of the same responses (from angry north-siders) we had when the CPL Moved from the AIS, that people don’t want to drive from the north etc. – we would say cateogircally that you ought to lift. The Parkway is Canberra’s most glorious roadworthy creation (besides obviously the road with the Pen15 Owl) but in addition, the benefits of co-location (including bringing the community together, what CPL is all about!), and the costs of hire, far outweigh you maybe needing to drive 20 minutes further. If you are that opposed to the extra KMs be a real chum and start carpooling, so you can listen to Peter Herak podcasts or to the 666 Trivia Show together, and start the competition early as you outwit your chums during the drive, even before you take the court. And the real deal sweetener, literally – Within about a 1km radius of Tuggers stadium, there is a choice between HJs, Miccy Ds and the Chicken Man for your drive home snacks. Sign me up!

Expressions of Interest and Nomination
On the topic of next season, noting the above, we are donning our respective Burke and Wills hats, and there is also an opportunity for glorious expansion too – and to start lining those ducks up for that, we have launched an Expression of Interest section on the website for the 2021 Season ( All very self-explanatory, but we would urge all interested parties to lodge an EOI and note their divisional preference – please note that the preferred division that a team lists or nominates for may not be where they are placed come season start. Submitting an EOI ensures you will be kept in the loop for when nominations are released etc. Between you and I, we probably had more ‘unsuccessful nominations’ for the CPL in 2020 than ever before, so perhaps accordingly with your respective beauty, it does pay to make sure you meet all nomination deadlines/requirements, etc.

Despite all of the lecturing in the email, we do love you all, and appreciate how well everyone is settling into a much more complicated season, for all of us. We just want to ensure that the season is finished off the right way and there is no increased burden on any of us having to deal with these issues. You are all the Lakers of my hearts – absolute winners!


Jethro Tull
(Matt Deady – CPL President)