President’s Update

15 January 2020

Welcome back to a new year of CPL! After what has hopefully been a relaxing few weeks off for everyone, we now enter for the home stretch for the 2019-20 CPL season for each of our three divisions. Congratulations or commiserations to those teams who are preparing for a post season run, or those teams who are getting ready to go fishing.

As well as a busy time on the court, there’s a lot happening off the court too.

Once again, congratulations to all teams who will be taking part in the 2019-20 post season.

As a friendly reminder, all players are required to have played (or registered injury attendance [IA]) for 12 games this season. If you are unsure how many games your players have played, please refer to your team stats on the CPL website, where all of your eligible players will be highlighted green. As has been the case since the ‘IA’ rule was introduced for playoff eligibility, there will be absolutely no exemptions given to players should they not participate in the requisite number of games required for Playoffs. If you have any queries regarding eligibility, please contact the CPL Inbox as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to investigate any discrepancies.

Playoffs rules clarification for overtimes
Aside from eligibility, there is also a clarification that needs to be made regarding the CPL Rules. Knowledgeable pundits may be aware that the CPL Rules (Rule 6, Section 3 to be precise) states that “There are no timeouts permitted in overtime during the regular season. For Semi-Finals & Finals, the CPL will allow each team one (1) timeout per overtime.

As the CPL playoff format has expanded beyond Semi-Finals and Finals, this rule needs to be modified to reflect current formats. The correct interpretation for this season shall be that “There are no timeouts permitted in overtime during the regular season. For Playoffs & Finals, the CPL will allow each team one (1) timeout per overtime.

Additionally, the limit of two overtimes for a CPL game will not apply for Playoffs and Finals.

These changes will be reflected in the CPL Rule changes being made this coming off season.

End Of Season Party date
Keep your calendars clear for Friday 27 March when we make our triumphant return to Bleachers Sports Bar, where we will look to break our own venue record for chicken wings consumed.

Ticket sales and event information will be released shortly.

Nominations for 2020 CPL Season
In case you missed it, nominations for the 2020 CPL season have now been released, and are available on the CPL website.

Nominations are due by 5pm 21 February.

The 2020 CPL season will be slightly shorter than recent seasons as we transition the season to fall entirely within a calendar year. This change will be beneficial for a number of reasons, some of which include:

  • Alignment with other competitions that have moved to calendar-year based seasons.
  • Fewer games played in the hotter months, reducing risk of heat affected games.
  • Reduction in the number of absences by not playing games at a time when many people leave Canberra.
  • Court resurfacing unavailability will be more likely to fall outside of the CPL season.
  • Increased flexibility in the unlikely event of losing games due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • End of Season Party will fall within the warmer months.

If you have any questions about 2020 Nominations, End of Season Party or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the CPL Committee.


Shane Turner
CPL President