The CPL 12

In our latest instalment of the CPL 12, we have the privilege of learning a little more about the Diablos and CPL stalwart, Todd Gregory. This is the man that makes a large majority of Canberra’s ballers look so good, through his company Statement Athletics! Find out more below.

  1. What’s your name?
    Todd Gregory
  2. Now tell us your nickname.
    I don’t have one haha. I get lots of variations of Todd (Toddo, Toodles, Toddy, etc). My grandparents called me Ned. Does that count?
  3. Who do you play for in the CPL?
  4. What position do you play on the court?
    When I’m not lost on defence I guess you could say the 3 or 4.
  5. What jersey number do you wear and why?
    No.17. It’s my awesome wife Katy and I’s wedding anniversary (Jan 7).
  6. What do you do outside of basketball?
    Lots of time with the fam. I work as a graphic designer and sign writer and play bass in a band. I also design and supply basketball uniforms to a bunch of teams and leagues. If you play in the CPL chances are I supplied the uniform you’re wearing. What started out as hobby for friend’s teams has taken off and I’ve been working pretty hard on setting it up as a side hustle. I have a website dropping in the next couple of months so keep an eye out!
  7. All time favourite basketball player?
    Penny. I was obsessed with him and Shaq when I was a kid. Had so much Orlando merch. I even had a matching Orlando bed set and curtains. I have no idea where Mum found that.
  8. Favourite team?
    Cs (Sorry Orlando, it was fun while it lasted but I bleed green).
  9. What’s your favourite feature of the CPL?
    The community. The committee does an amazing job creating a fun and inclusive vibe at every event.
  10. Best CPL memory to date?
    Gotta be the 2 championships with my brothers in Diablos. Also, years ago out at the AIS filling in for Outlaws, I got a steal and dunked on a fast break. The legs don’t have that kind of spring anymore haha.
  11. Favourite place in the world?
    At home with Katy on the couch hanging with our dog and cats.
  12. Drop some wisdom on us… what’s your life-rule or favourite saying?
    I’m not the wisest guy and most of my favourite quotes are from Ghostbusters. I am, however, a big supporter of positive mental health. Life can get pretty heavy sometimes and even the smallest things can add up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there’s always someone that will listen.

Thanks Todd!

If you’re in the market for a new uniform or pretty much anything else, hit Todd up at