CPL Big Number

The latest big number is 27.

The technical foul is a powerful weapon in a referee’s arsenal. Used correctly it can bring control back to an out of control game, remove an unruly player from the game, or guide players to doing the right thing. The tech foul also alerts the CPL to players who may not be suitable to play in the competition.

The number 27 is the number of tech fouls handed out to players during the 2019/2020 Season.

There have been 702 tech fouls handed out in the regular season in CPL history – 408 in Division 1, 250 in Division 2, and 44 in Division 3.

This season so far has seen 10 tech fouls been issued to Division 1, 11 in Division 2, and 6 in Division 3.

265 Players have received tech fouls in the CPL. With the most handed to a player being 37. However, CPL players are quick to learn with only 127 of those players receiving more than one tech foul.

So how does this number of 27 compare to last season?

By Round 27 of the 2018/2019 season, 78 tech fouls had been handed out to players. That is a difference of 51 tech fouls! Dramatically less this season.

We will leave up to you whether you think the CPL players have just become nicer this season, or are the referees just more reluctant to hand out technical fouls.

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