CPL Big Number

The latest big number is 401.

In case you were somehow not aware, the CPL just hosted its annual CPL All-Star Saturday again at the AIS arena. It was once again an amazing turn out of support for CPL basketball, all while raising funds for the Cancer Council ACT. We plan to get some information about how much exactly was raised shortly, but for the time being let us focus on the Basketball.

The All-Star games again were split by North versus South for the three Divisions, and by the CPL Legends versus Cal’s Legends for the Legends game. Sixty-six players took the court during these games and displayed some great basketball for all in attendance.

401 points were scored across the four games, with 126 field goals, 36 three pointers, and 41 free throws made. There were several standout performances; one of the All-Stars scored an impressive 26 points in his sides win, and four other players also made five three pointers each in their games.

Players did not baulk at the opportunity to gobble up the boards with 312 rebounds made, with one Legend bringing in 18 rebounds alone. There were also 106 assists on the night with one player notching up seven of them – showing that even under the bright lights, sharing the ball is still important.

Whilst the All-Star game is about displaying the best basketball, the CPL has to offer that does not mean it is all offense. The defence on display from the All-Stars was again top notch amassing 63 steals and 21 Blocks. Three players had three steals each, whilst two players recorded three blocks each.

So how did the night go? Well four teams got the win and four teams unfortunately lost. In the ever waging war of North versus South, South once again came up with the win scoring an impressive 157 points compared to the North’s valiant 143 points. The CPL Legends once again took the mantle against Cal’s Legends with 60 points compared to 41.

Once again, All-Star Saturday was a great night out for Basketball and the community, which saw a lot of money raised for the ACT Cancer Council. It could not have been done without the tireless work of the committee members and the other volunteers that made the event so great. We all look forward to doing it again next year, and who knows, maybe your number might get the call up for a run.

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