CPL Big Number

Our latest big number is 4.

The CPL has had four presidents since its humble beginning. Starting with the Logo Hardy Vargas, the next president was Scott Culpitt, the CPL’s third president was Alex Burnett, and the current and fourth president is our fearless leader Shane Turner.

Between these four presidents, they have racked up some impressive stats.

Combined they have played 909 regular season games in the CPL, and between the presidents, they have won six championships.

Together the presidents have scored a massive 3,837 points, with the top scoring president currently accounting for 1,681 (44%) of them. The presidents have also netted 425 3-pointers, with 401 (94%) of those coming from just one president.

The presidents defensive skills are also a remarkable sight, with a combined 2,804 rebounds, 345 blocks, and 853 steals… with one president seizing 422 (49%) of those steals. There was no short supply of assists either, with a combined 1,269 of them.

Being the president does not exclude you from being a for the odd foul or two. The presidents combined for 1,211 fouls, with one of those presidents leading the way with 501 (43%) of the violations. They also had four technical fouls and four unsportsmanlike fouls called against them.

The one thing the CPL prides itself on is that it is a league for the players, by the players. So each of these presidents have volunteered to leave no player behind in their quest to make Basketball great again. Each president has brought their own approach to the league and each one has given us change we can believe in. Do you think we could slip a few more puns in here? Yes we can! Thank you to all the past presidents and to our current president.

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