President’s Update

3 July 2019

Thank you to all for a great start to the 2019/20 season of CPL. It’s early days, but it’s looking like the competition will be fierce for playoff spots as we settle into the season for each of our three Divisions.
To date we have had no on court incidents, unfinancial teams or other dramas that make our jobs too difficult. More on everyone’s good behaviour shortly.

2019 CPL All-Star Saturday and Legends Game
This year, the All Star and Legends games will be moved forward slightly on the calendar due to existing bookings at the AIS. The big day is scheduled for Saturday October 19th. We will be looking to bring back the Legends teams, the crowd cash prizes, the catered courtside boxes, the silent auction, the jumping castle and more! Last year we raised over $5,000 for charity with the event and got a run on WIN News for doing so. As always, we will be looking to top the previous year’s efforts.
More info will be announced shortly, keep an eye on the 2019 CPL All Star Saturday 2019 Facebook event and the All-Star Saturday page for the latest announcements.

Technical Fouls
A huge thank you to all for the reduction we have seen in tech fouls being called this season. Last season’s spike saw a technical foul called approximately once every 4.6 games. This season to date, that number has plummeted to approximately once every 21.6 games! This is a 79% reduction on last season, which frees the committee up to do other things for the league.

Division 3 Scoreboard and Shot Clocks
With a new venue is new issues. Thanks for the patience from all who have been affected by the scoreboard and shot clock problems we have been having. We have made arrangements to mitigate the disruptions and are confident we will be able to run games as intended moving forward. A big thank you our friends at Fredcom and Basketball ACT who have provided resources and assistance to the CPL to get around these issues.
Teething issues aside, all feedback I have received on Radford as our Division 3 venue has been very positive, and our ability to expand the Division 3 competition has been great for our league.

Scorebenches and Stats
Some of the most common feedback we receive from players is that their stats are missing. Stat keeping is one of the key features of the CPL that makes it stand out from other competitions. Keeping stats is only meaningful if we record accurate information. Thank you to all teams who are diligent in their stat keeping duties, and for those that aren’t, we will be paying closer attention to this over coming weeks. Remember – if you have to ask if it counts, it probably does.

General Reminders
• Round 10 uniform rules – A final reminder that as of last Tuesday’s games, anyone in non-matching uniforms will be handing their opponents a 10 point head start! This only applies to jerseys, however we still strongly prefer shorts to be same colour. If you are in need of some new jerseys, let us know and we can put you in touch with our supplier.
• Swap tops – On the subject of uniforms, please remember that if you borrow the swap tops, it is expected that you take the set home to be washed and returned prior to the very first game of the next round (7pm for Divisions 1 and 2, 7:30pm for Division 3). The exception to this is when the swaps will be required by another team later in the evening. Please be sure to check with a committee member prior to taking or leaving a swap set.
• 3rd Instalment – For teams paying by instalments, the next payment is due on the 30th of this month. We would prefer not to be penalise teams or have to chase teams up so please keep this date in mind. Remember, there is no penalty for paying early!

Again, thanks to all for the great start to the season. If you have any questions on anything above or any other issues, please feel free to get in touch.


Shane Turner
CPL President