CPL Big Number

Continuing with our in-depth look at the season winners, we present you the 2018/2019 season Division 2 winners – Beavers. The Beavers swept their way through the post season, concluding with a two game final series against Brownies.

The Beavers finished the regular season in second spot, despite having more wins than the team above them (due to bonus lottery week points). The Beavers finished their dominant season with 21 wins and 13 loses.

There were 11 players to wear the Beavers colours this season, with nine regular players and two fill-ins. The Beavers used eight players during the post season.

The Beavers scored an impressive 1,659 points in the regular season and 213 in the post season. In a growing trend with the championship teams, the Beavers bulk of their points came from field goals with 587 made during the regular season and 65 made during the post season. In what appears to be another trend the Beavers also did not rely heavily on the 3 ball, making only 96 during the regular season and 14 in the post season. This mark of 96 3-pointers was the lowest in all of Division 2.

The Beavers players were monsters on the boards, bringing in a whopping 1,138 rebounds during the regular season and 134 during the post season. They also defended their basket pretty well with 103 blocks in the regular season and 17 in the post season.

The Beavers flirted the fine line between fouls and steals during the regular season with 256 steals compared to 402 fouls. During the post season, the beavers committed 49 fouls whilst producing 28 steals.

The Beavers were also good at sharing the ball giving out 455 assists during the regular season and 56 during the post season.

As we did with Division 3, here is the spread of 2018/19 stats for the Beavers:

Most points by a Beavers player – 310
Most rebounds by a Beavers player – 220
Most assists by a Beavers player – 97
Most steals by a Beavers player – 46
Most blocks by a Beavers player – 50
Most fouls by a Beavers player – 83
Most 3-pointers by a Beavers player – 41

A very big congratulations to the Beavers for taking out their third championship this year. With such a dominate performance, we expect this team to be back in the finals mix again next season.