The CPL 12

In our latest edition of the CPL 12, we have the immense pleasure of hearing from fan favourite, Nicholas ‘Broto’ Brotohusodo, of the Division 3 Ring Stingers.

Humbler than syrup sandwiches and crime allowances, Broto oozes charisma in Dickson on a Tuesday night, as he splashes threes and works the pick and roll with his teams plethora of big men. A connoisseur of the culture, if you’re ever keen to talk ball, music, or frankly anything else, Broto will gladly oblige.

Now we could keep struggling to find the words to describe how good of a bloke Broto actually is, or we could just hear from the man himself… so over to Broto!

  1. What’s your name?
    Nicholas Brotohusodo
  2. Now tell us your nickname.
    Broto (easier to pronounce than my entire last name) or Nix (my emcee name when I used to rap).
  3. Who do you play for in the CPL?
    The almighty ‘Ring Stingers’. I’ve only been with these guys for a season and a half but it feels like I’ve been playing with them forever. I’ve got nothing but inappropriate love for these fellas.
  4. What position do you play on the court?
    Mainly the 2. Sometimes the 1.
  5. What jersey number do you wear and why?
    Number 3… Because Allen Iverson.
  6. What do you do outside of basketball?
    Spend time with fam and friends (most important). Try new eateries (I love food). Run and get outdoors (need to get back into this more). Drop rhymes and make music (unfortunately not so much these days). Read (graphic novels and comics or non-fiction). Waste money on things I don’t need (i.e. clothes and kicks). Sleep (I am perpetually tired).
  7. All time favourite basketball player?
    I think it’s got to be Iverson… Although I have mad appreciation for Spree, Penny and T-Mac too.
  8. Favourite team?
    Toronto Raptors. All day. Erry day.
  9. What’s your favourite feature of the CPL?
    It has to be the communal vibe of the league. I’ve never played in a comp that is so well-organised but also fosters such an inclusive, positive and fun environment to play ball in. Big ups to the coordinators who run the CPL and also to all the players who show up each week and play hard with a smile of their face. I love being a part of the CPL fam.
  10. Best CPL memory to date?
    Any of the Ring Stingers’ wins from this season (we don’t get many haha)… Or the time I blocked a shot in such a monstrous fashion that the other team was giving me high fives too. As a small guy, I can probably count on one hand the number of blocks I have had over the course of my whole life so that was a pretty special moment for me. Haha sorry Leigh!
  11. Favourite place in the world?
    I don’t think I can narrow it down to one. Here’s four instead.
    – Toronto (family, Raptors, poutine. ‘Nuff said)
    – Florence (beautiful in every sense – food, art, architecture, scenery, history, culture)
    – New York (so much to do and see in this city. Plus it’s iconic as far as hip-hop and ball goes)
    – Canberra (home, sweet home. Also, Kingsley’s Chicken)
  12. Drop some wisdom on us… what’s your life-rule or favourite saying?
    A quote from Henry Ford is one that has always resonated with me…
    “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Thanks Broto, never stop being you.